Countryside Farmhouse Dining Room

John and Sara started with a blank slate when they relocated to the Boise area this past year. Sara knew she wanted interior design help creating a space that they loved. When we walked in to their home, we could tell immediately that Sara loved botanicals, all things farmhouse <3 and LEMONS! So we weaved them all together in what we call English Countryside Farmhouse. 

We love the way the new black chairs tie in the existing hutch and the framed lemon prints utilize the vertical space of her tall ceiling and give her love of lemons an updated look! 


Before LYS

After LYS

Playroom Makeover

With three kids the Chaloms spent a lot of time in their playroom. And as it is with most of us, there were just too many toys and not enough places to go and play! 

Before LYS

LYS Mood Board

OB-Chalom Playroom2.jpg

The first thing we set out to do was to create zones for different types of play. The first and maybe the kid's favorite is the stage area! They are LOVING putting on shows and concerts for their parents. The second is the adorable doll house where all things American Doll can happen. The third is the kitchen/bakery area. And the fourth but not least area, the reading nook with custom bench seating, awning and pillows. We were able to re-purpose a lot of what they already owned and add a couple of custom made items to really make the space their own! Did we mention that they are LOVING the space? We're not called Love Your Space for nothin' folks! 

After LYS

What do y'all think? Is this a space your kids would love?

Thanks for reading & Happy decorating! 

Bridgette & Cherie - LYS Boise Interior Design Duo


A Laundry Room to Love!

It's the most undervalued room of the house. Although it's where A LOT of us spend A LOT of time. Usually the workhouse of the house, but not always the prettiest room in the house. Yep, the laundry room usually gets a bad rap. Not anymore! Well, not at Melissa's house anyway. She knew she wanted something more functional and stylish for the room she spent a good part of her day in! 

Before LYS


We set out to make this room uniquely "Melissa!" We brought in a feminine touch by painting the ceiling! HELLO GORGEOUS. We then added pops of coral throughout the space. The best feature though has to be the custom built in laundry tower. That's a laundry game changer for sure!  The custom pipe shelves complete the space giving all the adorable accessories a place to land. We're hearing that laundry might just be Melissa's new favorite chore! Can't find mom? Check the laundry room! 

OB-Chalom Laundry.jpg

After LYS

Mid Century Mod Dining Room

You know what's fun? A blank slate. The opportunities are endless! Especially for an outsider's eye. We know in your own homes this can feel overwhelming. Trust us, we get it. But in a client's home we love getting our hands on something that we can make totally yours! A space that, well, you can LOVE! 

Before LYS


After LYS

For the Chaloms this dining room table started our LYS design plan with the warm wood tones and clean lines. We knew the basket chairs with the warm wood legs would compliment the table but also adds some personality and whimsy to the space. The elegant velvet end chairs balance the whimsy with a touch of class. Adding a little ying to the yang. The tasseled curtains complete the space with a playful texture that totally suits this young family! We love the idea of them sitting down as a family and enjoying dinner together! AND entertaining! Who wouldn't want to join a dinner party in this room? Cheers Mike & Melissa! You have great taste! We loved helping make your dreams a reality. 

What do y'all think? Have you jumped on the Mid Century Modern bandwagon?

Thanks for reading & Happy decorating! 

Bridgette & Cherie - LYS Boise Interior Design Duo


Melissa's Ah-dorable Office Nook!

When Melissa asked us to design her office nook (which is directly off of the kitchen) we knew we wanted to make it "hers". We accomplished this with some gorgeous, feminine, removable wallpaper. The color of the paper is hard to capture on camera but it is a beautiful peachy-pink background and it definitely helped to make it "pop" against the ebony cabinets. We styled it to Melissa's taste to personalize it for their family all while still leaving space for their real life "offic-ey" type stuff which inevitably comes with running a household. The King Charles Cavalier print was a favorite of ours! (Hi Barkley!). 

Before Love Your Space


LYS Mood Board

Boise Interior Design Office Nook.png

After LYS

Untitled design (7).png

How fabulous is this ghost eames chair? We choose it to let the wall paper and brass accents shine by choosing this understated chair.

We styled the shelves simply so the wallpaper could be the real showstopper!

Untitled design (4).png

How lovely is that glass bubble vase on the top?

Untitled design.png

And finally, that wallpaper. All the heart eyes. <3 <3 <3 

We created a space that Melissa can work and manage the house. I mean if you have to pay the bills why not do it somewhere pretty?

So, what do you think? Are you a fan of the recent wallpaper revival? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

As always, Happy Decorating! 

Bridgette & Cherie - LYS Boise Interior Design Duo


Boise Interior Design Living Room Reveal

When Mike & Melissa moved into their new home in Boise, they were ready for a fresh start. Leaving their former "Tuscan" look and old color palate behind they came to Love Your Space with a clean slate. 

The style we identified the couple wanted for the living room included clean lines, warm woods, textures, plenty of greenery. We provided them with an updated color palette of various shades blues, including navy to peacock,  pops of orange and plenty of neutrals for layering. Gold metals anchored by blacks for their lighting added the perfect finishing touch!

Mike & Melissa's LYS Mood Board



Before LYS

Sorry for the dark photos! No one ever takes these with the intention that they'll be published!

After LYS

Bear with us as we show you some amateur iPhone panoramic photos mixed in with others. We are just so excited to show you the whole room all at once!

Untitled design (8).png
Untitled design (9).png
Untitled design (11).png

Bringing some texture to the coffee table styling helps soften the cool hammered metal element.


We kept the shelf styling simple, uncomplicated and in their color palette.


So, what do you think? Are you ready for your own LYS after pictures?

Happy Home Making! 

Bridgette & Cherie - LYS Boise Interior Design Duo


A Quick (Low Cost!) Reboot

Danielle called Love Your Space because she wanted a more current look for her living room and entry way without spending a ton of money on new items. We were up for the challenge!

Here's how we accomplished that in the living room:

1. On the wall above the couch we needed to create more negative space. It gives the eye a chance to rest in between groupings. Instead of having the pictures spread out on the wall we created one focal point by grouping them together. 

2. We created dimension and layers on the couch by gathering a cozy throw blanket and pillows from other rooms in the house. 

3. The curated small vignette on the coffee table lends some warmth to the space. 

4. The only piece purchased for the house was this floor lamp from Target. We are loving their new Project 62 line. LYS Tip: When working with a small room utilize your vertical space, it helps to draw the eye up.


Next we moved in to the entry way. By hanging a small gallery grouping with items Danielle already owned above the bench, we created an inviting and functional space. We chose to pull these four items together based on their warm color tones that we carried in from the living room. LYS TIP: Hanging pictures together in a modern grouping is an easy way to create an updated look with items you already own.


Lastly, we completed this cozy nook by adding some simple touches. First we switched out the cabinet for the smaller ottoman which pairs better with the size of the chair. LYS TIP: Throw blankets and pillows are an easy update to any space. Don't be afraid to play around with colors and mixed patterns. 


What do you think? Have you made any easy no cost/low cost updates in your home recently?

Happy Home Making! 

Bridgette & Cherie - LYS Boise Interior Design Duo