Boise Interior Design Living Room Reveal

When Mike & Melissa moved into their new home in Boise, they were ready for a fresh start. Leaving their former "Tuscan" look and old color palate behind they came to Love Your Space with a clean slate. 

The style we identified the couple wanted for the living room included clean lines, warm woods, textures, plenty of greenery. We provided them with an updated color palette of various shades blues, including navy to peacock,  pops of orange and plenty of neutrals for layering. Gold metals anchored by blacks for their lighting added the perfect finishing touch!

Mike & Melissa's LYS Mood Board



Before LYS

Sorry for the dark photos! No one ever takes these with the intention that they'll be published!

After LYS

Bear with us as we show you some amateur iPhone panoramic photos mixed in with others. We are just so excited to show you the whole room all at once!

Untitled design (8).png
Untitled design (9).png
Untitled design (11).png

Bringing some texture to the coffee table styling helps soften the cool hammered metal element.


We kept the shelf styling simple, uncomplicated and in their color palette.


So, what do you think? Are you ready for your own LYS after pictures?

Happy Home Making! 

Bridgette & Cherie - LYS Boise Interior Design Duo