Playroom Makeover

With three kids the Chaloms spent a lot of time in their playroom. And as it is with most of us, there were just too many toys and not enough places to go and play! 

Before LYS

LYS Mood Board

OB-Chalom Playroom2.jpg

The first thing we set out to do was to create zones for different types of play. The first and maybe the kid's favorite is the stage area! They are LOVING putting on shows and concerts for their parents. The second is the adorable doll house where all things American Doll can happen. The third is the kitchen/bakery area. And the fourth but not least area, the reading nook with custom bench seating, awning and pillows. We were able to re-purpose a lot of what they already owned and add a couple of custom made items to really make the space their own! Did we mention that they are LOVING the space? We're not called Love Your Space for nothin' folks! 

After LYS

What do y'all think? Is this a space your kids would love?

Thanks for reading & Happy decorating! 

Bridgette & Cherie - LYS Boise Interior Design Duo